Our legal team has decades of combined experience litigating property damage claims statewide. First, we represented insurance companies in Florida, and now we fight for you.

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**In order to maintain confidentiality, the names of the individuals providing the quotes below have been replaced by their initials**

We wanted to leave a testimonial for the expertise and quality help you gave us on our settlement. Our roof and lanai were damaged from Hurricane Irma and a national recognized insurance company did not want to pay for any of it. D&B were recommended and took on our case. Ryan Burke was very personable and understanding of our situation and how to make the insurance understand. If ever we need a law firm in the future we know who to call. Thank you Ryan Burke.
– R.G. & M.G. Punta Gorda, FL
“I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Dicus and his entire team for all the care and concern they have shown me and my husband, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor. I know Mr. Dicus is a very busy lawyer, but I am thankful that you spent a lot of time on the case. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts.”
– A.K. & M.K. Tampa, Florida

“I was referred to Dicus & Burke, PLLC through an attorney friend of mine, explained my case to Ryan Burke through a conversation as though I knew him for years. The Dicus & Burke Team was always efficient, effective and friendly; coming to a settlement in a timely fashion during the difficult times we’re in. Thank you for a GREAT EXPERIENCE with positive results!”

– M.Mc. St. Palm Harbor, FL

“Thankful to Ryan S. Burke, Esq. for getting my roof replacement approved after months of denials from the insurance company. Ryan was able to effectively negotiate an agreement that I was more than satisfied with.”

– B.S. Tampa, FL

“I was referred to Wes Dicus, Esq. by a public adjuster about my roof that my insurance company refused to replace after it was damaged. I talked to Mr. Dicus and he and Mr. Burke took our case. I was so impressed with both of them. They were there for my husband and I, kept us informed and were so nice and never let us down. Thank you Wes and Ryan for all that you did. You are wonderful! Thank you so, so much!”

– V.V. St. Augustine, FL

“Attorney Ryan Burke, Esq. could not have been more helpful pertaining to the disputed claim we have with our homeowner’s insurance company. He was a Wikipedia knowledge about homeowner’s insurance claims. Ryan was very prompt and a true gentleman to deal with. I undoubtedly rate him five stars!”

– R. Maguire, Esq. OH/FL

“I was referred to Wes Dicus by a roofer that was familiar with his services and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My homeowners did not want to pay for damage to my roof from a hail storm. Wes Dicus and this firm did exactly what they said they would do and I received a settlement check last week for the replacement of the roof. They were professional, precise, and followed through on every point. Thank you so very much.”

– J.P. St. Augustine, FL

“Wes Dicus handled our issue with our insurance company. He was very professional and timely in explaining and handling our claim in preparation, communicating, and resolving our conflict with our home insurance. I would recommend him and his firm for anyone needing assistance with their insurance company when they try to avoid paying a claim. We wish to thank Wes and his qualified staff in working through the various issues on our behalf.”

– R.M. Middleburg, FL

“Wes Dicus was our primary contact and we found him to be extremely knowledgable in the avoidance, delay, and denial tactics used by our homeowner’s insurance provider. He was thorough, persistent, and professional through the entire process and we highly recommend him to anyone being abused by an insurance company.”

– G.Z. Mexico Beach, FL

“I had water damage from busted cast iron sewer pipes on 2 incidents, 1 behind the wall & the other underneath my slab. I first went to seek assistance from a Public Insurance Adjuster who was able to help with 1 of my claims but we had to turn the other case over to Dicus & Burke, PLLC. Although I’ve been struggling with this problem for over 2 years now, once it was processed with Attorney Burke it went quickly & much smoother. My sincere THANKS to Dicus & Burke and Mr. Burke with his assistance & quick resolution.”

– R.C. Charlotte County, FL

“Following a catastrophic house fire and subsequent despicable treatment from the insurance company, we found ourselves under-insured as a result of what we believed to be improper sales tactics. Mr. Burke took on a challenging case and received a settlement that allowed us to put our lives back together quickly. We could not be more pleased. If you need true results in a timely manner, make your first and only call to Dicus & Burke.”

– A.W. Tampa, FL

“We had water damage in our home that our insurance provider refused to cover. Ryan Burke offered to review my policy and give me an honest assessment of my case. I did not expect the insurance company to relent and was very happily surprised when Mr. Burke was able to facilitate a settlement that covered all of the damage. Throughout the process, Mr. Burke kept me up-to-date on the case and was able to answer all of my questions. Hopefully, I won’t need legal counsel in the future, but if I do I will call Mr. Burke first.”

– B.S. Lutz, FL

“We had damage to our home due to Hurricane Irma. The insurance company contacted us around Christmas time and informed us that they would be sending us a check to take care of the damage. Two weeks later, they called back and stated that they were no longer going to pay for our claim. We were referred to Dicus & Burke through a friend. From the initial phone call to the time it took to get our claim handled, Ryan Burke’s communication throughout the process was superb! I am extremely grateful for their efforts and how fast they were able to get everything handled! Thank You for a job well done!”

– C.V. Orlando, FL

“Dicus & Burke, PLLC did an excellent job when our homeowner’s insurance underpaid our claim and then threatened to drop our insurance coverage. Ryan Burke showed them the error of their ways and got us a full recovery. If we ever need legal help in the future, they will be our first call.”

– J.H. Zephyrhills, FL

“After Hurricane Irma, we were left with damage to our home, specifically, roof & fence damage.  We contacted our homeowner’s insurance, they came out & inspected the damage & offered us a settlement amount that would not cover all the damage we needed to fix, properly. We got in touch with the team of Dicus & Burke & they were able to negotiate a fair & generous settlement for us, keeping us informed of the status of our claim along the way. We were so pleased with their service & would definitely recommend the team of Dicus & Burke, PLLC to our friends & family. Thank You for a job well done!”

– D.M. Sunrise, FL