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Insurance Claims Involving Pipe Bursts And Water Damage

It happens: Pipes burst and water gets everywhere. In the worst cases, it happens when the homeowner or business owner is away, and the resulting property damage is tragic. When there are delays from the insurance company, the contractors or subcontractors involved with the project cannot work on it quickly enough to stop major damage from occurring. If your insurance company delays, devalues or denies your water damage claim, it is paramount you contact the qualified attorneys at Dicus & Burke to assist you as soon as possible.

Talk with an attorney from our firm. At Dicus & Burke, we represent clients throughout the state and have decades of experience litigating water-related insurance disputes. We understand how the other side works these cases, and we know how to win.

If your insurance company delayed, devalued or denied or your water claim, we will help you obtain the full insurance benefits to which you are entitled under the law.

Common Causes Of Water Damage

Water damage occurs in several ways:

  • Hurricanes and other storms: In Florida, hurricanes are a regular part of life for half of every year. Hurricanes and other powerful storms damage your home or business and force water through openings created in your building envelope by the high winds and pressures associated with the storms, and by impacts from windblown debris.
  • Burst or Broken pipes: Burst or broken pipes is another leading cause of damage from water in Florida. Many homes and businesses are plumbed with cast iron or copper pipes and these pipes, and others, tend to suddenly, and without warning, burst. The water damage from these losses can be catastrophic, especially if it is not recognized immediately. Most policies require that homeowners take immediate action to report the damage and stop the leaking to prevent further damage to their home. 
  • Appliance problems: Seepage or leakage from many appliances connected to your plumbing system can also cause water damage to your home. Often, the cause of the leak is covered under your insurance policy. 

When it comes to water damage, many insurance policies limit the amount you can recover, including limiting mold and mildew coverages. Some policies place exclusions on certain types of water damage. If you believe that your insurance company is not fairly evaluating your water damage claim, the attorneys at Dicus & Burke can help.

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