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Get A Fair Settlement From Your Insurance Company

Following a hurricane, windstorm, hail, or damage cause by sinkhole, insurance companies often delay, devalue or deny valid claims. Dicus & Burke will fight for the prompt payment of the full value of your claim.

Wind and Hail Damage

Windstorms and hail can cause severe damage to your home or business that is not always immediately apparent. In recent years, Florida has seen increasingly more damaging windstorm and hail events. Insurance companies often attribute the cause of damage associated with windstorms and hail to mechanical defects in your roofing materials, age, wear and tear, and other causes excluded from coverage under your policy. In some instances, insurers will even back-date your claim to a date you were not insured with that company or re-name your loss to one that carries a higher deductible.

If this sounds familiar, you need the experienced attorneys at Dicus & Burke to take the fight to your insurance company, to hold your insurer accountable to you, to ensure you receive the full value of your insurance claim.

Hurricane Damage

Most people move to the Sunshine State to enjoy our temperate weather. Unfortunately, Floridians know our weather can change on a dime, and often with devastating results. Powerful hurricanes, tropical storms and tornados are becoming increasingly prevalent. Even more prevalent, however, are insurance companies that fail to be accountable to their policyholders damaged and injured by these powerful storms.

The legal team at Dicus & Burke forces accountability from insurance companies, so you can concentrate on what matters most, securing your family, your home and keeping your business operational through these disasters. All the damage associated with these powerful storms is not readily apparent and may not be visible for months, and in some cases, years following a loss. Dicus & Burke will review your damage with you and explain all the benefits to which you are entitled under your policy for your storm loss, and then fight to secure those benefits on your behalf. 

Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes are common throughout Florida. A sinkhole is a large depression or hole at the ground surface caused by the erosion of Florida’s limestone from groundwater that causes the earth above the limestone to sink. The sinking can occur suddenly and typically results in catastrophic damage to homes or businesses as they are literally swallowed by the sinkhole. More often however, the sinking occurs slowly, damaging the structures situated on active sinkhole conditions over time.

Signs of this type of sinkhole damage include cracking, including very minor cracking, to foundations, walls, floors, window and door frames, and even ceilings. Other common signs include: difficulty opening windows and doors, depressions in the yard, depressions in your floor, uneven countertops, separating of floors from walls and walls from ceilings, screws protruding from your ceiling, leaning or tilted trees, sagging or leaning fenceposts, plumbing issues or pool leaks.

Insurance companies fight hard to avoid paying sinkhole claims. If you are experiencing signs of sinkhole damage to your home, apartment complex, condominium complex, or commercial building, contact us. Dicus & Burke will review your insurance policy with you, explain the version of the law that applies to your case and all the benefits to which you are entitled for your sinkhole loss. Dicus & Burke will then fight to secure those benefits for you.

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