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Subsidence and sinkholes can cause severe damage

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

A phenomenon called land subsidence is a problem that residents of Florida have had to deal with for decades.

Basically, land subsidence is a natural phenomenon that happens when water gets sucked out of sedimentary rock, including finely ground rock like sand.  Interestingly, subsidence can also happen when this rock type of rock first gets saturated with water after a long time of dryness.

In either situation, the rock underneath the surface gives way, causing the surface above it to sink down as well.

This becomes a significant problem if the sinking happens immediately below a building or home. Over time, the phenomenon can cause the failure of the structure or severe and irreparable damage to it.

Sinkholes, although not categorized as subsidence, are still particularly dramatic examples of what can happen when large pockets of open space develop underground because of the movement or erosion of rock.

Property insurance companies may not be willing to pay subsidence claims

A Saint Petersburg resident who has suffered property damage will likely have to figure out how to finance a repair or, in the worst case scenario, the purchase of a replacement property.

Naturally, an owner will look to his or her property insurance carrier to pay all or part of the damage depending on what coverages are available.

Unfortunately, many people will have these types of claims denied. If they do get their claims approved, other people will find that their insurance carrier is not willing to pay much more than pennies on the dollar on the total damages based on any number of justifications.

Too often, an insurance company’s decision is not fair to the customer. This is a good reason why someone with a potential property damage claim for subsidence should consider seeking professional legal advice and support when trying to obtain compensation.