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Forecasters continue to predict an active hurricane season

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

As Florida and the rest of the country enter the height of hurricane season, forecasters are continuing the predict the formation of several more tropical storms and hurricanes.

Overall, one group is predicting a total of 20 named storms. The group is not giving any opinion on how strong these storms will be. There is quite a range between a weak tropical storm and a powerful Category 5 hurricane.

If this prediction holds, this will not be a record-breaking season like the season of 2020. It is still a very active season, however.

There are a number of environmental factors which contribute to active hurricane seasons. In addition to warmer ocean temperatures, phenomena like La Nina can also contribute how active the Atlantic hurricane season will be in a given year.

While residents of the Tampa Bay area should prepare for an active hurricane season, it is also important to remember that even one major hurricane be enough to cause severe property damage.

It is a good time, in other words, for Florida property owners to make sure that they have the insurance coverage and financial support in place in case of a hurricane loss.

Sometimes, property owners will need representation after a storm

Despite their efforts, owners of valuable residential property or commercial property may find themselves with a shortfall because their insurance carrier will not pay for damages after a hurricane.

Sometimes, the dispute can be over a term in the policy or a question about the policy’s validity. In other cases, an insurance company may disagree about the extent of a property’s damage.

These sorts of situations can be frustrating for property owners who were counting on coverage after a hurricane or tropical storm. Owners may wish to seek out experienced legal counsel to evaluate their options.